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Green hair: Manic Panic Enchanted Forest: 2012
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My Summer "No Makeup" Makeup Routine


” Summer days are drifting away, to, uh, oh, those summer nights…” Today I decided to make a video of how I make up my face before I leave the house during the summer. I live in Florida, so it gets extremely hot during the summer months; I do not care to wear a full face of makeup every…

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The Fangirl and New Orleans and infinite Universe, Oh my!


This summer I have been interning at a wonderful company called infinite Universe Handbags (www.theinfiniteuniverse.com and blog.infiniteuniverse.com). I have enjoyed working with my boss Karen Hendrix and fellow interns Patricia and Maddie. Three weeks ago I went to New York for the first…

Makeup or Fakeup?



No, this is why you will never have a real relationship because you will never get to know someone for who they really are because you can’t see past the superficial. Whoa, okay that was a mouthful. I am a devout Instagrammer (is that a word?), and for the past two weeks or so, people that I…

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"so what are your plans for after college?"

i will dismantle the establishment board by board


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if ur laptop doesnt smell like fire then ur losing 

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Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do, long after the mood you said it in has left you. #commitment (via thlnkdifferent)

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