My First Year in College

I think that I had a great first year overall. I did not have nearly as many problem this year as other people did. Sure there are things like financial aid not falling through in a timely manner, transportation, being hungry, and relationships, but I didn’t have nearly as many problems under those categories a other people did. When financial aid was taking forever, I still was never without money, thankfully my parents had me covered. As far as transportation is concerned, yeah we have buses, but I mostly got the places that I needed to go because of my boyfriends and in the second semester both my boyfriend and my best friend took me along and I got things that I needed and got where I needed to go. The being hungry ordeal wasn’t too bad. I had a meal plan and would cook at my boyfriend’s house and my best friend was happy to go get food. My roommate and I always had each other’s back when it came to ordering food for ourselves. I will say that I lost a friend in the beginning of the first semester, but this was a good thing. It turns out that this girl was fake and was never my friend and she ended up leaving the university, so that wasn’t too bad, if anything that was a good thing. Me and my boyfriend did have our bouts but it was nothing too major that I couldn’t handle. Other people in my position of being a first year may have had money problems, getting into fights, getting drunk, partying too much, bad grades, but I thank God that I didn’t go through anything major. I had a good year and in the end, it is all about college and getting grades and my boyfriend helped me a lot when it came to picking teachers and studying and understanding material being that he is a sophomore and took a number of the classes that I did this year.

Business Administration

My major in college is Business Administration. I like Business and Marketing. My sophomore year in high school I was moved into the E-Commerce Marketing Academy. My freshman year I was in the Computer Academy, but that lost it’s funding, so I was moved over the next year. At first I was a little upset, but I learned to love Marketing. If it wasn’t for the computer academy shutting down, I would not have gotten to experience business and marketing and narrowed my search in what I wanted to do for a potential career. I am glad that high schools are now narrowing the search field for what students want to do as a career, so that they won’t be left out in the cold when the time comes for them to consider a college and a major. I can honestly say that my high school prepared me for college and gave me an even greater idea of what I wanted to do as a career.

This Movie…

I am still watching Point Break and I am not fully paying attention to it, I just look up at the TV every once in a while. So right now I think that this dude in a Ronald Reagan mask is chasing Patrick Swayze. They both just ran through this lady’s house and messed it up. The lady started beating the crap out of Patrick Swayze with a broom. The guy with the Ronald Reagan mask threw a dog at Patrick Swayze and Patrick Swayze threw the dog down. This was kind of funny but not really because it is a living creature. Patrick wanted to shoot the guy as he was hopping the fence, but he ended up letting the guy run free. After he let the Ronald Reagan mask dude run away, he started shooting the air like he was mad. I think he was mad because he let the guy go free. I really do not know what’s going on, but I don’t think this is my type of movie…It turns out that the dude that has been running this whole time is Keanu Reeves, not Patrick Swayze lol…


It’s funny how we call petroleum jelly, Vaseline when Vaseline is just a brand of petroleum jelly and other beauty and hygienic products. But we tend to do this with a number of items. We call diapers pampers, soda Coke, and lip balm Chapstick. I do not actually know what this is called. It is actually pretty funny when you think about it. I wonder if they do this is in other countries. I remember when my teacher brought to my attention that people in the south call ground beef “hamburger meat”. Now I don’t actually do this, but I have before and it is actually really funny when you think about it. I wonder if calling things the things that we do has anything to do with our area. I know it does, but I wonder if it goes for the same thing as the “Vaseline” thing.


My boyfriend really loves pictures of skylines. He really enjoys the ones of New York and Chicago. When I asked him why, he said it was because it is beautiful and is also motivation for where he wants to live. He always has pictures of skylines as his screensaver on his phone. For his birthday I decided to go to Ebay to find posters of New York skylines. I got him 3 of them. One actually is very small. Instead of putting it on the walls in his room like he did with the bigger ones, he put it in his bathroom over the window. I thought it was rather hilarious. 

Point Break

Okay so basically the movie the movie that I have been watching for the past hour is Point Break, starring Patrick Swayze. I am a little embarrassed because I didn’t even recognize Patrick Swayze. I was slightly off with the movie’s timing. I thought it was an 80s movie, when in fact it was made in 1991. I was only a little bit off. But hey it takes a couple of years to make a movie so it was technically started in the late 80s. The movie just came back on. This movie doesn’t really look like my style. I’m too lazy to get up and change the channel, so I guess the movie will have to be my style for now.

Weird Movie

So I still can’t find the remote. The TV is on VH-1 and I have no clue what movie is playing. I am so lazy and don’t feel like going to the TV. But, I am on a computer and I will use technology to find out what movie this is. I will Google VH-! and look up their TV line up for today. That should tell me under this time slot what movie this is. It looks likes it was made in the 80’s. I don’t recognize any of the actors in this movie at all. It is starting to get violent, but not too violent because it is only 1980s cinematic violence. A commercial is on now. I guess I will go ahead and Google it…

Pet Peeve: Smacking

I am not an easily annoyed person, but there are a few things that really tick me off. Smacking is one of them, I absolutely hate the sound of people smacking! I was in the library one time and this dumb dude sitting next to me kept smacking. He wasn’t eating a dang thing, I turned to find that this dude was biting his nails and smacking and chewing on his nails. Not only was this disgusting, but I was so pissed off from the smacking. I had to leave. My dad will be smacking and I will ask him to stop, then he will start to smack even louder on purpose to make me mad. Lol it is so gross.


The only thing that I ate today was some stupid Taco Bell. Okay, it wasn’t that stupid, it’s just that I am hungry again. My boyfriend got me a Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Taco, a Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco, a loaded grilled burrito, and a slushy. The tacos were super delicious as usual, but that burrito thing tasted like a barf-rito. It was super disgusting. Our good friend works at Taco Bell, so she gave me an apple pie and churros for free. Luckily, my boyfriend works at KFC and he said he would bring me some food home from work. Now all I have to do is wait until 10:30pm which is still a 2hour wait, and I am starving. Don’t you hate it when you are super hungry and you don’t feel like cooking anything? Well that i me right now…


I used to get worried about things when I was younger. Things like, how do you pay bills, how do telephones work, and how do you know when to change the oil in your car. I have come to realize that understanding certain things come with age and experience. When you are a kid, there are certain things that you don’t need to know, that you do not need to understand yet. I was always curious as a child, I was very smart too. Now that I am older I know about things that I never knew existed. I still have a lot to learn, but I have come to understand that even understanding comes with time.


Okay, now the question is, why is chicken so dang delicious? I could tooooootally be a vegetarian if it wasn’t for bacon and chicken. But oh Lord put them together and make a sandwich? Oh yes! Chicken is so amazing, it is like the George Foreman of meats. And you can even cook chicken on a George Foreman! Chicken can be fried, grilled, smothered, ground, boiled, covered, anything really. I love fried chicken strips so much and chicken pasta. I feel bad for eating animals, but chicken is too good. I can honestly say that chicken is my favorite food and has been ever since I was a little kid.


Why is bacon so dang delicious? I could totally be a vegetarian if there was no such thing as bacon…and chicken. Bacon is really good and I am happy to say that society has paid a good amount of attention over the past few years of how delicious and awesome bacon really is. I have seen bacon merchandise circulate the internet like nobody’s business. Bacon flavored gum, bacon band-aids, bacon coffee mugs, bacon dresses, and even bacon flavored popcorn. There is nothing like the smell of bacon to wake somebody up in the morning. I know we have the saying, “wake up and smell the coffee”, but I really I think it is all about waking up and smelling the bacon…unless you are a vegetarian, then yeah you can wake up and smell the coffee. I remember sometimes the only reason I would get up and go to school some days was because my dad would be cooking bacon.

Major Prankster 2

Actually, you know what, the prank was funny when I started out, but now it’s getting pretty old, for me anyways. I am running out of stuff to say. She is very disappointed in me though. This prank is painting me in a negative light and I am pranking her into thinking that I am doing something that I would never do. When I see her tomorrow to break off the prank, I have to do it very delicately and make sure that she knows that it was all a prank. It took some prying to make her actually believe me and now that she does, I have to work that much harder to make her think that it was all actually a prank. Lol this is so stupid. But hey, this is what happens when you are bored on a Friday in your boyfriend’s bed waiting for him to get off work.

Major Prankster

I don’t care about it being over two weeks past April Fools Day, I am pranking the mess out of my roommate right now, and I have been for the past 6 hours via text messages. I can’t give you the details, but I will say that she totally believes me right now. I just keep egging her on and I can’t stop. This is too funny. I am not good at tricking people and I hate lying to people, but this prank is so good! In order to make this prank official, I will have to carry it on until the next morning when I actually see her. I don’t know it I can hold it in that long, but I will try. When I finally reveal to her that I have been kidding her the whole time, I will have to show her this blog entry as proof, she will never believe me. This is too funny man.

Ghostbusters 2

So, I’m in my boyfriend’s room right now. I can not find the remote to change the channel. I went up to the TV like the olden days and turned on the TV and changed the channel to what I thought was Husbands of Hollywood starring Kevin Hart. That show is too funny. I hate it when networks have the wrong title for what is actually playing on TV. I went and sat down and when the commercials are done and the show comes back on, it is not Husbands of Hollywood, it is freaking Ghostbusters 2 -_- I have never even seen this one. The scene that is one is when they make the Statue of Liberty set some weird building on fire. I did’t know what the heck was going on, so I googled it and I realized that I have been watching Ghostbusters 2 for a good hour. Ugh…